Question. What types of trades do you make?

Answer. Multiple types of trades are made. They include:

  • buying call options
  • buying put options
  • buying stocks, selling covered calls
  • buying option spreads
  • selling option spreads

Q. How are trades received?

A. All trades are emailed out during market hours.

Q. What does your service cost?

A. For our monthly membership rates please view our Membership page; it’s a relative bargain compared with the profits we have generated over the years. Subscribers may cancel anytime.

Q. Do you only invest in put options?

A. We buy and sell calls options, put options, and stocks themselves (covered calls). We do not trade futures or commodities. We only invest in the American stock markets. Please be sure you are cleared to trade all option spreads with your broker.

Q. What is the risk level?

A. Substantial risk of loss is always a factor when trading stock options. However, the risk/reward ratio is favorable.

Q. What do I receive when I sign up?

A. You receive our Welcome Email as well as all current trades we are involved in. You also receive all new trade recommendations and trade reports for 30 days.

Q. Is auto-trade available?

A. Not currently, but auto-trade should be available in the future.

Q. Are adjustment-trades made?

A. Yes, but not very often, only a few per year. All adjustment trades are emailed to subscribers at current market prices.

Q. Do you offer a guarantee or refunds?

A. Unfortunately we do not offer guarantees positive returns, refunds are not provided…too many market factors are beyond control. You may cancel your subscription at anytime. We have a strong customer base of satisfied subscribers enjoying our positive returns.

Q. Are some of your option trading recommendations ‘covered calls’?

A. Yes, we believe strongly in covered call strategies. Covered calls are a very low-risk tool for building wealth.

Q. How do you identify stocks for momentum trades?

A. As experts in the industry, with over 15 years of professional options trading experience, each member of our core group has the knowledge and foresight to judge when a stock is being accumulated or liquidated from a fund manager’s position. Entering a momentum option trade is a skill we excel at.

Q. What were your returns last year? How much did you make?

A. We greatly outperformed major stock market indices. However, the SEC prevents investment firms from publishing or advertising specific percentage gains. Rest assured, all of our members were very pleased with our results last year.

Q. I have further questions; may I email my question?

A. Yes. We have a support staff on hand for specific inquiries. However, we occasionally receive questions like, “What do you think of XYZ stock now?” General stock market related questions will not be tended to. Feel free to contact us anytime. Member’s questions are given preference.

What We Do:

  • We advise our subscribers when to get in. We give specific prices, specific limit orders, and specific time-windows for each options trade recommendation. All trade alerts are emailed to our subscribers during market hours using current market prices.
  • When to get out. Equally as important as entry price, when to exit a trade is extremely important for those looking to maximize profit. We give explicit instructions and prices on when to close out a trade.
  • We back up our trades with an in-depth Trade Report analyzing the strategy behind our trade. Intuitive research and thought go into our option trades; we share this information with our subscribers. Our option trading strategies are second to none.
  • Outperforming stock market indices. Five years in a row we have out-performed the S&P 500, Dow Jones, and the Nasdaq.

What We Don’t Do:

  • Finacial advisory services. We cannot tend to all investment questions covering all spectrums. We do not have a phone number. We release trade recommendations; our subscribers are free to make their own investment decisions. Buy recommendations and Sell recommendations are emailed to all subscribers – is an options advisory service. For further investment advice please consult a financial advisor.
  • Trading results are not guaranteed. It is inevitable certain trades will be losers. Those expecting to profit on every trade will be disappointed. With that said, those who stick with our strategy will see substantial returns over time. Our winners are lucrative. Our losers are diminutive. Our long-term subscribers have profited five years in a row.
  • We’ve been in this business long enough to know the stock market can be irrational. However, wise investing and shrewd market timing can & will be very profitable. Large winners will always offset small losses. That is our primary goal.
  • How much to invest. We do not advise on how much to invest. Some of our subscribers trade $5000, some trade $100,000 or more. How much to invest is your discretion.
  • Disclaimer: Past performance is not indicative of future results. Any decision to purchase or sell securities as a result of the opinions expressed in this website’s reports will be the full responsibility of the person authorizing such transaction.